Stuff that I learned from fitness and that can apply to everything else :)

1. It is never over
  • Embrace permanent effort
  • Only do stuff you feel you could eventually be doing forever
  • Which does not mean you can never change

2. Ditch the goals
  • Intrinsic motivation is king
  • Short-term goals are unsustainable
  • Result orientation is counterproductive, weight loss/gain is a bad goal.

3. No challenge = no progress
  • Complaining and self-pity are counterproductive
  • If you are cheating, you are cheating on yourself
  • You are capable of more than you think
  • And sometimes of less than you think

4. Good form always pays off in the long run 
  • Never sacrifice form for the sake of numbers (weight, speed, reps etc)

5. No one really knows anything for sure 
  • Every argument has a counterargument. 
  • All theories are plausible bullshit. Try them out and believe in whatever works for you. 
  • But accept that some day you might discover that all that you have believed in is wrong :)

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