Le mot du jour : the Black Hawk

Black Hawk : les gros oiseaux énormes que l'on voit partout aux Etats-Unis.

The adult Common Black Hawk is 43–53 cm (16–20 in) long and weighs 930g on average. It has very broad wings, and is mainly black or dark gray. The short tail is black with a single broad white band and a white tip. The bill is black and the legs and cere are yellow.

The Common Black Hawk feeds mainly on crabs, but will also take small vertebrates and eggs. This species is often seen soaring, with occasional lazy flaps, and has a talon-touching aerial courtship display. The call of the Common Black Hawk is a distinctive piping spink-speenk-speenk-spink-spink-spink.
It builds a platform nest of sticks fifteen to one hundred feet above the ground in a tree, often a mangrove. Nests are often reused and tend to grow bigger. It lays one to three eggs (usually one), which are whitish with brown markings.
(source Wikipedia)

En voilà son homonyme aue vous connaissez peut être un peu mieux :

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